Cad Cam

3 Shape

With the trend toward CAD and CAM based dental solutions our 3shape D810 scanner gives us the latest in scanning and design software. Its seamless integration with the Trios Intraoral scanner means that Clinicians can get real time confirmation of their scan data from the Technician, and with 3Shape Communicate can create an online interactive platform for exchange of case information.

The 3Shape software allows for the design of a full range of prosthetic restorations from single crowns to full mouth reconstructions. Implant abutments for all popular platforms can be designed and milled to provide a custom solution for even the most restoratively difficult placements.

Direct screw retained and patient removable hybrid bars can be designed on a variety of platforms, now with the availability of angled screw channels to compensate for less than ideal implant positions.

Roland DWX50

With the recent acquisition of the Roland DWX50 we can better control the fabrication of CAD CAM restorations within the Lab. Its small size, high degree of accuracy and simultaneous 5 axis milling, combined with its ability to mill a range of materials will see it become an integral part of processes throughout the laboratory. The milling of Zirconium together with the colouring of the object before sintering provide a high strength and accurate base for ceramic restorations, either layered or monolithic

Materials and designs not suitable for in house milling are sent to one of our linked milling centers in Sydney, Melbourne or Quebec, Canada.