Chrome & Acrylic


The SR Ivocap system has been proven with over 20 years of use and continuing material development, and permits the precision fabrication of methyl methacrylate based appliances.

The resin is mechanically vibration mixed with pre-dosed monomer, giving a consistent homogenous dough that is continuously injected into the processing flask during curing. This results in a precision fit with no shrinkage for accurately maintained occlusion, and virtually no residual monomer in the resin. It also exhibits an excellent bond to resin denture teeth.

Materials within the SR Ivocap range allow its use in the fabrication of full and partial dentures with standard and high impact materials, bite splints, snoring devices and mouth guards.

Laser Welder

Our Bego Laserstar welder allows the predictable joining of a variety of metals in a non-oxidizing atmosphere. This allows for a join with the same physical properties as that of the parent metal.

What our clients have to say:

Gold & Ceramics are so accomodating with our patients labwork. The highest quality workmanship around!

Highly recommended.

Jessica Ablett

Striving for perfection.

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